Recruiting is hard work.  We can help.

Our approach to recruiting physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners is one of partnership with healthcare employers.  Together we have sustained an independent and successful candidate sourcing program targeted on recruitment and retention of our locally trained healthcare providers.  As a regional program, we cater to the recruitment needs of local employers, large and small to promote their practice opportunities representing diverse practice settings located in rural and urban communities throughout the Great Lakes region.  No fancy buzz words, no monthly invoices, just the results of never ending candidate sourcing.  Here is what we deliver.
Regional Recruitment.    Medical Opportunities delivers qualified candidates interested in your community -  saving employers valuable time in candidate screening.

Rich Candidate Database.   Candidate self register to create a dynamic profile and match with employer opportunities.  Candidates appreciate the password protected program and prefer direct contact with employers.  

Market Visability.   Opportunites receive solid exposure to a targeted audience of candiates.  Email alerts, matching algorythms and solid search engine optimization ensure maximize exposure for your jobs.  Employer members can track ROI benchmarks using the new CRM and tracking reports to document key program metrics.

Cost Effective Alternative.  A fraction of the cost of recruiting services, member employers gain access to 100% of the candidate database, enjoy unlimited job postings and never pay additional fees for add on services. 

Support and Service.  Our staff is ready and available to assist members and candidates with solutions and service.  From assistance in posting your jobs, pulling candidate matches or resolving technical issues,  we are here to support your recruiting success. 

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Utilizing an extensive and far-reaching marketing plan, we gain new candidates seeking jobs in the Great Lakes region daily.  Opportunities receive solid exposure to a targeted audience of candidates.  Email alerts, matching algorithms and unique visits connect candidates by specialty and location preferences. Employer members track ROI benchmarks including job views, emails sent, emails opened, and volume of candidate contacts.

In-house recruiters and private practices depend on Med Opps as a preferred sourcing service due to our low cost membership rate. Member employers gain access to 100% of the candidate database, enjoy unlimited job postings and never pay additional fees for add on services. 

After more research and a comprehensive demonstration of the program, we hope that you choose to include the Medical Opportunities program to your list of trusted recruiting resources. 

Please contact us at 800-479-1666 or recruitment@mhc.org with any questions or comments, or to schedule an online demonstration.